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Supporting schools to support their most vulnerable staff.
About Fertility Issues in Teaching

Fertility Issues in Teaching are the first and only organisation that delivers specialist consultancy and training exclusively for schools. It’s aims are to:

  • Raise awareness around the mental, emotional, social and financial impact of staff experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. Support schools to recruit and retain the best staff by becoming inclusive, flexible and equitable, as they move towards fertility friendly work places
  • Provide bespoke CPD to equip school leaders and staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to delicately and respectfully address concerns that are predominantly ‘women’s issues’,  in an environment where 75% of teachers are women.
The facts
  • 25% of pregnancies end in baby loss. Tommy’s 2021
  • Black women are 40% more likely to miscarry. Tommy’s 2021
  • Following pregnancy loss, 1 in 6 women suffer PTSD. Farren et al, 2019
  • 1 in 7 couples are infertile. NHS 2021
  • 42% of those going through fertility treatment have suicidal feelings. Fertility Network UK and Middlesex University 2016
  • Fertility treatment is less successful for ethnic minority patients. HFEA 2021
Our mission

Our vision is to make all schools inclusive for those who are experiencing fertility issues, including but not limited to: those living with endometriosis or PCOS; those experiencing recurrent miscarriages; and those accessing fertility treatment to complete their families. We see schools of the future as flexible, female, family and fertility friendly environments. Our ambition is to work with school leaders to promote an inclusive and equitable work culture, to cultivate schools where staff want to be.

'...I had to be the one to teach HR and my headteacher about the IVF process, and share personal details of my own heart-breaking experiences'

Teacher, UK 2021

Who would benefit from specialist fertility education training in schools?

training for schools

Our fertility education workshops can be delivered remotely or in-house:

Teachers are less likely to have sick leave for fertlity treatment in a supportive school that has a fertility policy in place.

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We are looking for schools to champion the fertility education programme

About the founder

Fertility Issues - Free resources for teachers
Caroline Biddle, MEd

Caroline is a UK based consultant delivering training to help school leaders and HR retain and recruit the best staff who wish to have a family of their own.

Former teacher Caroline started researching what it would take to make schools a fertility friendly workplace after her own challenging experience of fertility treatment whilst teaching.

Caroline is committed to changing the way fertility issues in teaching are managed and wants to share with leaders how they can change school culture to make their school the place to be for women and men who hope to start a family through assisted conception.

Since her career in teaching  Caroline has gone on to deliver training to staff across NHS Trusts. She is also a visiting lecturer at two Universities.

As a fertility coach, Caroline works 1:1 with a community of teachers and women from other professional backgrounds; with a blend of coaching, counselling and mind and body techniques, she supports them in regaining control of their life throughout the turbulent times of trying to conceive.


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