Fertility Issues in Teaching

Fertility coaching for professional women who are trying to conceive and consultancy for educational establishments who want to make their workplace fertility friendly.

'...I had to be the one to teach HR and my headteacher about the IVF process, and share personal details of my own heart-breaking experiences'

Teacher, UK 2021

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The facts

Teachers are less likely to have sick leave for fertlity treatment in a supportive school that has a fertility policy in place.

One-to-one fertility coaching

Workplace consulting

Who would benefit from specialist fertility education training in schools?

Blog and News

Teacher Suzy (not her real name) shares her story. My husband and I married in the summer of 2017, excited to start …

On Monday 7th February at 12pm, I’ll be speaking at Fertifa’s webinar about Fertility in the Public Sector workplace. In the hour …

Social Infertility A recent HFEA report shows that the use of sperm donor with patient eggs has increased hugely over the last …

‘Anyway in which women are made to feel bad about an aspect of their bodies which only females have, reproduces the female-based …

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