Fertility Coaching

Hi there, I’m Caroline.

I’ve had my own run in with infertility. The friends, who no matter how they try just can’t find the right words, the strangers who put their foot in it and the christenings I would avoid.

More than 100 female teachers who had accessed fertility treatment in the last 10 years completed a survey; the results showed that 99.1% of teachers found fertility treatment emotionally challenging and 67% felt work added to the stress of fertility treatment (Fertility Issues in Teaching, 20222).


My coaching programme offers emotional support and practical solutions to help you to combine your career and trying to conceive.


I’ll give you tools to help you balance work, and will guide you in basics such as the leave you’re entitled to and how to prepare for making your school aware about upcoming appointments. 


Working with me means you’ll still be a step closer to fulfilling your career dreams and reaching a place where you don’t settle for less in all areas of your life.

Is this you?

What is Fertility Coaching?

Fertility Coaching isn’t counselling. Counsellors  and therapists look at the past and help you work through that, whereas fertility coaching moves you forward in your life. Fertility Coaching provides a framework of coping mechanisms and tools. I help you develop self-awareness to overcome the challenges that come with fertility treatment, to go from feeling stuck to strong.

This transformational experience lays solid foundations to a healthy mindset when you’re trying to conceive. Doctors and other medical staff are there for your clinical care, whereas a fertility coach is there to support you emotionally. I’ll give you a cuddle and a kick up the bum to get you to where you want to be.

I work with professional women who are:

Coaching programmes

All one-to-one sessions take place online via a video link, allowing you to slot in a time that works for you from the comfort of your home without having to travel. Working with me you receive:

Programmes available

Transform Today

4 x 60-90 minute £440

Suitable if you have limited time and you’re about to start, or in the middle of fertility treatment and want to reshape your approach towards it today.

Payment plan available to split the investment into two monthly payments of £220

Mindset Reset

7 x 60-90 minute  £770

Payment plan available to split the investment into four monthly payments of £192.50

Essential if you’re starting fertility treatment in a few months time and want to be in the best headspace for this.

Final words from me

You’re not alone. For many, the road to growing a family isn’t a straight line. I’ve worked with women who felt their confidence took a hit during fertility treatment as they became faced with doubt about their future.


The best way to deal with doubt is to act. To maintain a healthy mindset, you need to take action — the more you work at this area of your life the more your negative thoughts will be silenced as you build momentum.


Most of the time, we’re not afraid of the actual action of fertility treatment; we’re fearful of the uncertain results that come with it: being concerned that our career progression could suffer, and that IVF won’t work.


Most times, our doubts are based on the worst-case scenario we have created in our minds. 


Are you ready to let go of that doubt?

Book a call with me to say hello and find out whether fertility coaching is right for you.