News: Founder Caroline on The Fertility Podcast to talk ‘trying to conceive in teaching’

I’m delighted to say I was part of the biggest fertility podcast to discuss fertility in the workplace.

It was a surreal experience for me to talk to Natalie and Kate. When I was going through fertility treatment back in 2017 and 2018 I would go out for long walks after work listening to The Fertility Podcast.

At this time in my life their podcast made me feel less alone as I navigated fertility treatment and tried to come to terms with a very uncertain future. It was uncertain whether I’d be one of the privileged ones who were able to have a biological child of their own.

I wanted to share this experience and so extended the invitation so that other teachers could join me on the podcast. They told their stories of going through treatment whilst teaching.

These wonderful women are some of the inspiring teachers I’m now connected with through the Fertility Issues in Teaching Instagram community. 

You’ll hear from 3 teachers besides me: Nic, a teacher from up north who works in a very supportive school; Claire Stewart-Hall, who coaches school leaders around race, adoption and LGTQ in the workplace, and Claire Walker who is working with her local council so that fertility treatment is recognised a separate entity from cosmetic procedure such as ‘a nose job’.

You can listen to the podcast here

If you’re feeling galvanised to learn more about how you can support staff through fertility treatment, or to make your workplace fertility friendly, then get in touch via the contact page and we’ll make it happen.