Why employers should give paid leave for fertility appointments

The burgundy book is 20 years out of date. When it is updated, the chances are that paid leave for fertility treatment will be included.

False economy

A GP will sign an employee off work without hesitation for an entire cycle of fertility treatment, which including the two week wait (post embryo transfer) can be up to 8 weeks in time.

An unsupportive employer who deducts half days of pay for when a member of their staff is out at appointments could be the same employer who is faced with having to find cover for 8 weeks instead of 5 afternoons over the duration of 8 weeks.

According to a recent study by the University College London ‘the teaching profession is currently in the midst of a crisis’ due to a lack of teachers. From this study it was found that teachers’ wellbeing and mental health is ‘worse than ever before’.